Why vote for Minnesota Makerspace?

Describe your business concept and what makes it unique!

Minnesota Makerspace will bring an all-age entertainment experience to downtown Brainerd. Our community will have an opportunity to attend a wide variety of classes and workshops to gain knowledge from building DIY projects to attending seminars on technology training. Minnesota Makerspace would be something unlike anything in the Brainerd Lakes Area.


Provide three reasons why this venture will be successful.

The core foundation on which we live our lives every day and how we run our business is never to stop learning and pushing yourself. The world is full of obstacles, and at Minnesota Makerspace, we see those as opportunities. We believe in the power of community and helping people around us to achieve their goals. We know this will, in turn, help us be successful. Together We Create!


How will your business enhance Downtown Brainerd?

We believe Minnesota Makerspace will bring much-needed entertainment downtown. People will be able to come and experience any of our many DIY classes (without a Membership) and have the chance to spend an evening building something with their hands and having some laughs with a group of friends.


What do you want people to know about you?

Chris and I (Trevor) have been best friends since the 3rd grade and we have always had a passion for making. One problem we still face is not having the right resources or tools at our disposal. With Minnesota Makerspace, we will have those items; this will create opportunities throughout the area for anyone to access.


Why should people vote for your business to win the Destination Downtown Business Challenge?

Our mission at Minnesota Makerspace is to get individuals to unleash their inner maker.  We believe this is a lost trait in today’s society. Help us bring it back!